Cold water surfing at it's best.

Westport is a year round surf spot, attracting surfers from all over the world. Catch a wave or just grab a seat on a piece of driftwood as you watch those daring dudes (and dudettes) search out those swells.

Top Destinations

What’s your catch of the day? Find something beyond the big city restaurant in Grays Harbor.

Catch your dinner from the wild or just stop by one of our many fish shops or restaurants to grab some succulent seafood without getting your hands dirty.

Oysters on the half shell are a delicious summer treat and they’re easy to find from an oyster farm or at a local restaurant. Grab a dozen and throw them on your beach bonfire this summer. A little lemon and butter and voila! A five star meal with a five star sunset view. Find out where to buy fresh oysters in Grays Harbor.

Ready to dig for your dinner? Grab your boots and buckets! Learn more about our seasonal razor clam digs including what you’ll need, how to dig razor clams, how to clean them and great recipes for cooking them once you’re all warmed up back at home.

Take a video tour of our Ocean.

Our unique connection to the Pacific Ocean brings us peace, livelihood, entertainment, beauty and more!

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