It’s no surprise that everyone is on the lookout for their next Instagram shot that shows that iconic picture perfect location that everyone has on their “to-visit” list. If you’re on your way to Grays Harbor and wondering where the IG hotspots are, we’ve got the list for you!

1. Kurt Cobain’s Childhood Home

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Visitors come from all over the world to visit Aberdeen, Kurt Cobain’s hometown. The main points of interest are his childhood home (seen above), the Kurt Cobain Memorial Park nearby and the Come As You Are sign at the entrance of town. His home, which currently is not open to visitors, is virtually unchanged since the days when he resided here and many people photograph from the outside. The park nearby (on the muddy banks of the Wishkah) is home to a couple of memorial art pieces and a slew of graffiti under the bridge dedicated to the rock musician.

2. The grassy dunes of the South Beaches

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It’s no secret that the Washington Coast beaches are unique (and nothing like California, in case you were confused). When you reach Aberdeen, you make the decision to head north or south around the harbor. Along the south end beaches are full of grassy dunes, high winds and many many surfers. Grab a warm jacket and a hat and snap a pic in this picturesque scene reminiscent of something you’d find in northern Europe.

3. The Satsop Towers Abandoned Nuclear Plant

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While the business park is no longer abandoned (it now houses multiple business offices) the towers stand tall as a reminder of a nuclear plant that never really was. It is now a unique backdrop for photographs, settled at the top of the hills looking over the valley and trees. It’s even occasionally used by artists as an interesting location for music videos and recording projects!

4. Lake Quinault Lodge

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This historic lodge is a feat of architecture, built in 1926 in the middle of the Quinault Rainforest hugging Lake Quinault. The lodge itself is rustic and peaceful, offering a cozy fireplace and rugged furniture to snuggle into with a good book or board game. Just outside the windows is a picturesque scene overlooking the large lake lined with colorful kayaks, driftwood, and tall trees.

5. A Beach Sunset

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What could be more picturesque? When the weather works out just right, the natural entertainment of a sunset on the beach can’t be beat! Grays Harbor is home to many many miles of beaches and multiple miles of beaches you can actually drive right onto. It rarely feels crowded, no matter how busy the weekend traffic might make it seem. Build a campfire and set up camp on the beach for the evening and enjoy a sunset with friends and a few s’mores.