The platter of oysters on the half shell is placed in front of you. A beautiful collection of succulent treats straight from the sea that pair well with a squeeze of lemon and a glass of champagne.

While they’re often served up in chic establishments, these oysters grew up with a grittier view… and it’s one you can see for yourself on the coast of Washington, in Grays Harbor County.

Along Highway 105 on the way to Westport, you’ll approach the South Bay. It’s easy to recognize, as what was a winding drive along grassy trees and private drives suddenly opens up to a wider view and an approaching long bridge. To the left, marshy waters perfect for kayaking. To the right, a farm unlike those you’ve seen on your country drive thus far.

Brady’s Oysters sits on the water’s edge, overlooking the South Bay at the end of the bridge like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. The little shop isn’t fancy, but it holds some of the most delicate seafood you’ll find on the Washington Coast. Oysters, crab, salmon… plus a collection of seafood preparation essentials and a few kitschy accoutrements that any roadside stand should carry.

Make a weekend of an excursion to this seafood shop to grab a bag of oysters you can shuck and grill on your own. Stop to grab a growler of beer or a bottle of wine too!